пн-пт 10-19, сб-вс 12-18
(Московское время)
24-25 апреля выставка обучения за рубежом в Мск и Спб
Ведущие частные школы, вузы, лагеря за границей. Приходите!
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от CHF 3500.00
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Американский университет в Швейцарии (AUS)

Официальные представители (official representatives). Подача документов и зачисление бесплатно

Описание American University in Switzerland кратко

Location: La Tour-de-Peilz, Switzerland

Start Dates Available: September, January, April

Language of Instruction: English

Programs Available: Bachelor, Master, Online Degrees

Tuition for 1 Year: Bachelor = 24,500 CHF; Master = 15,250 CHF, Online Degrees = 3,500 CHF - 5,000 CHF


Preparing you for the modern business environment, the American University in Switzerland is one of Switzerland's leading international business universities, located in La Tour-de-Peilz. Located on the shores of Lake Geneva, AUS is close to the Olympic Capital Lausanne, and Geneva, the center for diplomacy.

Throughout its 29-year history, AUS has prepared international students with the relevant business knowledge, tools and training to be a positive contributor and leader in any organization throughout their careers.

Offering personalized education in an international and multicultural environment, with practical and relevant programs. AUS offers all its students a dynamic and ambitious culture, both in the classroom and outside of the school.

AUS is accredited by the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE) and European Council for Business Education (ECBE). These accreditations provide students and parents with assura

Программы, курсы и цены, стоимость обучения в American University in Switzerland (programs and tuition/boarding fees, prices)

Название программы
Круглый год
от 24 000 CHF / 3 года
от 2 100 428 Р. / 3 года
Круглый год
от 15 250 CHF / 2 года
от 1 334 647 Р. / 2 года
Круглый год
от 3 500 CHF / 3 года
от 306 312 Р. / 3 года
Круглый год
от 5 000 CHF / год
от 437 589 Р. / год

Проживание, питание, цены (accommodation and food) в American University in Switzerland

At the American University in Switzerland, we want you to feel like you have a home away from home.

Whilst you are studying with us there many great options for your living arrangements, in and around La Tour-de-Peilz. The administration team can assist you with finding the right accommodation provision to suit your budget and needs. AUS accommodation is available on a first-come-first-served basis. Once you have accepted your offer to study at AUS, the administration team will support your accommodation requests.

AUS Accommodation

AUS has several full-furnished single and shared rooms within walking distance of the campus.

Rental costs range from CHF 750 - CHF 1300 per month, depending on your choice and room availability. All charges are included, with cleaning once a week. There is a shared communal space with a kitchen and student area, as well as laundry facilities.

Private renting

It is not mandatory for students to stay in AUS accommodation, and you are welcome to look for alternative accommodation providers around the local area. There are several options available in La Tour-de-Peilz, or nearby in Montreux and Vevey. Please ask the administration team for more information .

Мероприятия American University in Switzerland (events)

Student life is all about coming together.

At the American University in Switzerland, students meet new people, make friends and connect with our student community in a variety of ways – through sports, excursions, special events and much more! Join in and become part of AUS’ internationally diverse student community.

The opportunities for great Swiss skiing, snowboarding and alpine experiences are numerous with around 20 ski resorts located close by to the AUS campus. Student house groups take advantage by organizing regular ski trips and similar excursions.

Multicultural Environment

While English is the main language, there are more than 40 nationalities – speaking on average 3.5 languages – AUS offers an international environment where cultures from around the world meet, bond and develop together.

Taking a break from your studies

To ensure you a making the most of your experience in Switzerland, students will often have a selection of events and social activities throughout the year including; barbeques, karaoke evenings, quiz nights and our multicultural day, showcasing the diverse cultural of our student community from all over the world.

Sports, Events and more

At AUS, we promote an open and inclusive environment for students. Through our clubs; Eagles, Sharks and Tigers, our students engage in friendly competition through sports and activities. With our campus located amongst the beautiful scenery of the Swiss Riviera, we organize trips for you to explore the rich cultural heritage and beautiful architecture with your fellow students. Offering plenty of nearby attractions and destinations, Switzerland is the ideal place for our students to learn to ski, go hiking or visit local festivals.

Преимущества (advantages) American University in Switzerland

Relevant - Our curriculum is designed to meet the ever-changing demands of the modern business environment and give students the opportunity to master the skills that employers are looking for. At AUS a student will learn how to become a global leader and effective contributor to successful business operations.

Practical - More than a textbook, AUS students put theory into practice with applied learning to solve real-world problems. Our professors provide students the opportunity to continuously evolve and develop their skills with real-world examples to apply their learning and enhance their problem-solving skills.

Personalized - Our class sizes provide students with a greater level of interaction and the individual attention they deserve. We provide students with the time they need to gain mentoring and coaching from our academics in order to grow personally and professionally.

International Environment - All our programs are taught from a global perspective to ensure that students are able to navigate the global business environment and manage the cultural diversity that is represented in the workplace.

Mandatory Internships - All students at AUS must complete at least 1 mandatory internship during their program, regardless of their level of study. This internship provides students with the opportunity to put their learning into practice and gives them an invaluable opportunity to network with industry professionals and build connections for the future.

Оснащение и оборудование American University in Switzerland (equipment)

At the American University in Switzerland, we only want the best for our students. Our state-of-the-art classrooms and facilities provide students with an innovative and interactive learning environment. All classrooms at our university are equipped with the latest interactive smart screens, allowing faculty members to manage individual, as well as teamwork projects.

Our campus library is also accessible to all our students and contains relevant research material and online databases such as EBSCO, ProQuest and Financial Times while a computer room, with a fibre-optic connection, is also at the students’ disposal.

The popular Metropolis Snack Bar provides hot meals, snacks and refreshments throughout the day at attractive student prices and acts as an informal meeting place for students to connect. If you prefer to eat out, there are plenty of quality cafes and restaurants within walking distance of the campus.

Даты зачисления, расписания и доп. сборы (term dates and fees)

The cost of studying at the American University in Switzerland is (the cost given for 1 academic year);

Bachelor On-Campus = 24,500 CHF

Master On-Campus = 15,250 CHF

Bachelor Online = 3,500 CHF

Master Online = 5,000 CHF

This price is only for academic tuition fee. Below find additional costs students may incur during their studies;

Health Insurance = 110 CHF per month

Food = 900 CHF per month

Mobile Phone = 28 CHF per month

Entertainment = 100 CHF per month

Shuttle Bus (to campus from accommodation) = 100 CHF per month

Требования для зачисления к поступающим студентам (entry requirements and extra fees), как поступить, что нужно для поступления, условия, вступительные тесты и экзамены

At AUS, we look for students with a wide range of experiences, interests and perspectives. We look for students who embody our diverse community and have exceptional drive and determination to succeed, in addition to academic achievements.

We ensure student applications are assessed based on all contributing factors and recognize that motivation and mindset are just as important as your academic achievements.

Visit our website to learn more about the full application process; https://auis.ch/admissions/how-to-apply/

The admission requirements for all applicants include the completed application form and required admission documents listed below;

Academic Certificates and Transcripts

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Motivation Letter

Proof of English Language Proficiency (IELTS, TEOFL or Duolingo English Test)

Copy of a Valid Passport

2 Referees – Professional and/or Academic

Стипендии American University in Switzerland (scholarships)

The American University in Switzerland is committed to ensuring students can access higher education. Therefore, AUS offers a variety of scholarships designed to help you and your family with the cost of tuition. Scholarships could be award to a student based on merit or need, as determined in the application process.

Scholarships offered include;


Merit-based Scholarships

Need-based Scholarships

Academic Scholarships

Students do not need to submit a separate application for scholarships and will be assessed on the documents they provide during the admissions process.

Карта заведения, где находится (map, location)

Отзывы о American University in Switzerland

Когда подаваться - рекомендации по срокам подачи

Языковые курсы, школы и детские языковые лагеряНачальное и среднее образование - частные школыПрограммы подготовки к поступлению в университеты - высшее образованиеВысшее образование (после окончания школы за рубежом по аккредитованным программам A-level, IB, High School) - Бакалавр, Магистратура, MBA
- рекомендуемая подача за 6-9 месяцев до начала курса (некоторые лагеря и школы предлагают скидки за раннее бронирование или за длительные программы обучения)
- существуют сверх популярные и востребованные детские лагеря, где подача идет за год (в частности Швейцария, Великобритания, США, Канада, Австрия)
- рекомендуемая подача за год до начала учебной программы,
- некоторые школы имеют определенные временные рамки подачи (сентябрь-ноябрь - уточняйте дополнительно)
- некоторые школы требуют пройти тесты в несколько этапов (UKISET, внутренние тесты школы: английский, математика, логика, предметы, собеседование, некоторые при личном визите)
- рекомендуемая подача за год до начала учебной программы,
- для программ Foundation и Pathway, как правило, требуются сертификаты IELTS и TOEFL соответственно

- рекомендуемая подача за год до начала учебной программы,
- сроки подачи закрываются в январе у ТОПовых вузов и, как правило, в марте в остальных университетах
- для бакалавра требуется прохождение подготовительных программ Foundation или Pathway или же оконченная школа по системе A-level, IB, High School + IELTS/TOEFL
- для магистра требуется оконченное высшее, в некоторых случаях нужна программа pre-Masters
- для MBA требуется оконченное высшее, опыт работы желательно от 2-3 лет и пр документы
Официальные представители (official representatives). Подача документов и зачисление бесплатно
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