Prestige School

Адрес: 21 Eddfield Avenue, Toronto, ON M2N 2M5, Canada
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Описание Prestige School

Prestige School offers students an accelerated curriculum, close home-school contact and small class sizes. Younger students benefit from advanced Math and Science programs, French lessons from JK, nutritious hot lunches and extensive before- and after-school care. Older students experience individualized learning and 100% university placement. Admission runs all year and ESL classes are available. With a motto of "wisdom, courage, integrity," students are prepared for success in school and in life.

Программы и цены, стоимость обучения в (programs and tuition/boarding fees, prices)

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Проживание, питание, цены (accommodation and food) в Prestige School

The Prestige School offers a catered hot lunch (soup, main course and juice) for all students, including pizza lunch once a month. For students in grades JK to 5, this meal service is complimentary. For students in grades 6 to 12, the lunch menu is available for a small fee.

Following lunch, students are taken to our 2-acre playground where they are supervised by teachers, with a ratio of one teacher for every fifteen students. Sports and other activities are encouraged in order to help students build strong team skills and physically active lifestyles.

Accommodations: Even though we do not provide students' accomodations, ee have connections with student home-stay/accommodation agencies, which can provide students with comfortable homestay while studying in Canada.

Мероприятия Prestige School (events)

Field Trips, Sporting Events, Business Contests, Math and Computer Olympiads, Basketball, Tennis, Soccer

Преимущества (advantages) Prestige School

At Prestige School, we offer an enriched and accelerated curriculum with subjects taught one to two grade levels above the standard curriculum. Our academic program provide students with a great opportunity to experience a multitude of courses and various learning styles and strategies. It challenges each student intellectually, artistically and physically through a rigorous and innovative curriculum and an extensive co-curricular program. Our academic curriculum is academically challenging, with students being taught by teachers who specialize in the content knowledge of each subject. Starting in kindergarten, students have specialists in French, computer science, music, art and drama. Starting in grade 4, students further specialize in science, which includes biology, chemistry and physics.

Оснащение и оборудование Prestige School (equipment)

School is well-equipped according to Ontario Ministry of Education requirements. Our outdoor facilities, which situated of 5 acres land, include soccer field, Playground, Baseball and Basketball practice.

Требования для зачисления к поступающим студентам (entry requirements and extra fees) как поступить, что нужно для поступления

  • копия 1 страницы загран паспорта
  • регистрационная форма школы
  • медицинская справка об общем состоянии здоровья ребенка, выписка прививок
  • свидетельство о рождении школьника (-цы)
  • фото паспортного формата (4 шт)
  • студенческая виза

Карта заведения (map)

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Официальные представители (official representatives). Подача документов и зачисление бесплатно
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